The story of a Golden Globe nominated actress who’s done much of it and advice to those who want to do it!

The one good thing about the weather has been that one is more or less forced to stay indoors and GET ON WITH IT. In my case it has been writing and sending out our recently completed film to various film festivals. Now I am just waiting for the results, will we be accepted at any Festivals? That would be great and I am also sending it out to various potential buyers. And of course keeping my eye on any likely acting opportunities that my agent may or may not have missed. You see it’s not all glamour and smiling into the camera. The entertainment like most is a hard slog business.

I am very pleased with myself as I have been able to adapt an Edgar Allan Poe story into screenplay and that was very hard. I thought about it for weeks, before I sat down and started writing. But it has turned out quite well. The interesting thing I find is that the better the writer, whether of books or short stories, the harder they are to adapt for the stage or the screen. It’s something about the style and character of the writer, which is so individual and very difficult to capture in a screenplay.

I have been contacted recently by one or two people doing something about Bill Bixby a lovely man, very good actor and excellent Director….There is book coming out about him and someone else is developing a Website. He was one of my favourites to work with. I did “The Incredible Hulk” and “The Magician’ with Bill. “The Incredible Hulk” was hugely successful, wherever it was shown, it was an excellent show, very professional and I think this was a lot due to Bill Bixby’s focus and the fact that he took the show very seriously. Also he had a good and sympathetic relationship with the actor playing his alter ego – the green giant himself. It is a real comic book and ahead of its time in the fact that not many comic book characters were being made into film or television. Bill and the Production team put much time and effort into making the show believable and I think they were successful in that, which is why the show was successful. There were no cheap shots or effects. So often actors make the mistake of not taking the work seriously whether they are going “the Hulk” or “Hamlet’. It always shows and the audience sees right through it. They may like it for that moment, but they wont remember it or watch again.

I hate when actors “play for laughs”, they are simply not playing the truth of the script and you shut the audience out by doing it, although they may not realise it at the time………

Jane get off your soapbox!!!

Talking of green, I saw “The Green Zone”, last week. I enjoyed it very much though I feel that there may one or two few holes in the script – not many. Matt Damon is great as always, he really is one of the best in the US at the moment. And I particularly love Paul Greengrass’ style of directing. He is an exciting Director, I know many people feel that the rather documentary style of directing is too quick and not for them, but I happen to really love it. Horses for courses. Sad to say though “The Green Zone” is not doing very well at the box office in the US I guess audiences over there, (not sure about here), just dont like films about the current wars. I dont understand it.

It’s a sort of burying one’s head in the sand, I believe. We voted in the politicians who started them. So what gives, as the expression goes? Same thing with “The Hurt Locker”, which won Best Picture Oscar.

Well that’s about all for now.

‘Bye friends


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