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The water Diviner
I have been watching quite a bit online recently courtesy of on Television and my Apple TV…no large cable Provider bills for me, I prefer to pay for what I want to watch, rather than what I can get through a subscription, apart from Netflix, who has sensible subscription pricing.  I just watched the Starz show; OUTLANDER, some of the PBS series: WOLF HALL series I missed, on Itunes …the rest I can watch on PBS for nothing and the new NetFlix series GRACE AND FRANKIE.  Some movies you want to watch on a big screen and for that reason I saw Russell Crowe’s production of THE WATER DIVINER in a theatre, which I enjoyed and admired.  I want to see the new AVENGERS film and will go to a cinema to see that.   So thank you all you streaming devices and new video providers.

You might be interested in what I thought of these shows:

OUT_113-20140707-ND_0244_gallery_21. OUTLANDER…loved this fantasy series and think it could/should outdo/equal the new BBC series POLDARK, due in the US soon…..its star Aidan Turner is currently the UK’s most desired leading man, women are lusting after him in droves.   Well Mr Turner you may have a run for your money with the star of OUTLANDER: Sam Heughan….all those swirling kilts and longing looks are very attractive!  The leading lady of the show Catriona Balfe is also very good and watchable.  As teenagers we used to read Georgette Heyer books, whose leading men and women had us yearning and sighing.  It’s all just moved onto video now.  So I recommend this for a bit of romantic fun.



2.   I nearly gave up on Netflix‘s new series GRACE AND FRANKIE…the first episode seemed so bizarre and faintly ridiculous.   Martin Sheen and Sam Waterson as lovers?   Could not quite get my head around that one and the two ladies were just over the top.   But I stuck with it and it gets better and more believable and  we are watching first rate actors, who manage to put over some of the bad dialogue and plot with credibility….especially Jane Fonda and Martin Sheen. Their characters are the most believable and the acting draws you in and creates empathy……   Lily Tomblin and Sam Waterson have a harder time of it, it’s difficult to find your way into their minds and souls, the parts are so superficially written and the writing doesn’t give these two fine actors the chance to present anything, but the ridiculous.

3.  WOLF HALL…ahh the brilliant WOLF HALL, with the superb Mark Rylance, whose thoughts you can read with every eye or head movement.  As I said before, many viewers may find this series hard and slow going, but it really demonstrates the best of the BBC and the extraordinary work it can produce.  I have to say I was shaken and deeply moved by the execution of Anne Boleyn,(Clare Foy)…..  it was more horrific than any horror movie I have seen.   And the cut to the scene with Henry VIII ( Damian Lewis) and Thomas Cromwell after the execution was equally chilling.   The look of sheer pleasure on Henry’s face made one realise just what a ruthless and bloody monarch he was.MarkRylance

Ann Boleyni

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