The story of a Golden Globe nominated actress who’s done much of it and advice to those who want to do it!

We have become the Vampire Generation!!!  It seems that if the blood of a young person…….. preferably a very young person, is transfused into the body of an old person, it will rejuvenate that old person and make them younger again.   Now where have we heard this?   In endless horror and vampire stories, I think.  It all seems rather obscene to me, but who am I to argue with science and progress.   Progress?   Young blood, cloned animals, transplanted body parts….I will say no more.  I played a vampire: Carmilla, bit of a lesbian as well, from the famous story by Sheridan Le Fanu.  She took up with a young girl, who falls in love or in fascination with her and then Carmilla sucks her blood.   All good fun…I loved doing it, but having the blood of a young person put into my body, to give me eternal youth, is a bit of a turn off!!   We are all living rather too long nowadays, our design was for only about 40 years, so not a surporise, when things break down, rather like an old car!

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