The story of a Golden Globe nominated actress who’s done much of it and advice to those who want to do it!

Back from LA and a profitable and very hot trip.  Temperatures into the 100’s glad I was by the sea.  Met some very good and helpful casting people.  Had a good walk by my loved Pacific Ocean and got a good dose of sea air.  Miss the sea, wherever I am.


I have been trying watch some of the new US TV season shows.  I like GOTHAM, it’s stylish and well done.  Ben McKenzie and Donal Logue look promising as the leads, if they are allowed enough time for the characters to develop and the show is given a sufficient airing to catch on.  The networks are so quick to cancel now, that often a good new show doesn’t get a chance.  SCORPION is ok, again a different idea, but I’m not sure if audiences will bear an hour of computer nerds saving the US from disasters for too long.  In truth I think too often writers turn in decent stories and scripts and then other people start tinkering and you get a mish mash of tired writing, often not the writers fault.

I still think LAW AND ORDER SVU is an excellent show and currently I am on season 2 of MAD MEN, an outstanding piece of writing, character and plot development and excellent acting.  It will keep me going for quite a while, on Netflix.  Those are my thoughts on current television for now. 

In my early career, I was incredibly lucky to work on shows with amazing scripts by truly outstanding writers…  George Orwell, David Mercer and Robert Muller spring to mind.  I don’t look back too much.  I like prefer to look at “now”, but they really were glory days.

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