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Have just seen a terrific film, which gives me hope that the awful Jihadist tyranny will eventually be overcome.   The film is TIMBUKTU, directed by Abderrahmane Sissako and I urge you all to find it and watch….it really is a film we should all want to see.   It tells of the Muslims living in Timbuktu, which is I believe in Mali, gentle, devout, hard working, intelligent people, being controlled and standing up to the Jihadist Muslims, who have just taken over their society.  These are those people who want us all to be Muslims and convert to a soulless, despotic society, barbaric, bloody, no music, no joy, no love in which women are no more than chattels, to be given or sold to the first man who wants them.  One woman in the films stands up to these men, who tell her that all women must wear socks and gloves…she tells the men, she is not wearing gloves, she sells fish, how can she handle fish wearing gloves?  They arrest her.  The film follows the lives of some of the people, who have been overcome by the radicals and how they try to live their lives and carry on in impossible circumstances.   We see a woman receiving 40 lashes for playing music, young lovers being buried up the neck and then stoned to death for being in love.  And most importantly we see the rumblings of dissent and rebellion.  This is our hope for the end to this madness, Muslims stopping the Jihadis, who want to set us all back 2000 years.   Find this film, see it and support it!   I am proud that people in my industry are often the leaders in democracy and tell the stories, that we all need to know.Timbuktu

3 thoughts on “TIMBUKTU

  • Wow thanks Jane for sharing this info definitely we I’ll try to find film your right sounds like a must watch .
    Best carl

  • I just found your website Ms. Merrow. I saw you in an episode of Magnum P.I. tonight. I thought you were very good in it and was curious about you. I will try to look up the film you wrote about. I think there is going to be a lot more terror before the jihadists are defeated, and a long time. I will continue to look for your work in the future.

    Sincerely, David

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