The story of a Golden Globe nominated actress who’s done much of it and advice to those who want to do it!

A favourite photo  taken by 3 year old grandson Luke…now 6!! See below


Lunch with the grandchildren!   ……..No….. this was just after lunch….. at a treat visit to the Apple store!  Think they are highly representative of today’s youth and are already overtaking us in the understanding of modern technology!


Just seen Phantom Thread, fascinating, imaginative with with terrific performances from Daniel Day-Lewis, pictured here( now nominated for an Oscar) Leslie Manville and an actress,  I do not know Vicky Krieps, who gives a wonderful performance,  which easily measures up to Day-Lewis’s brilliance as an actor and the outstanding Leslie Manville.( Both women deserved nominations too I believe)…strong year for female parts and performances.   After all the noise and speed of so many modern films, who seem afraid to be still and quiet, in case the audience gets bored and leaves, this film has a  beautiful still quietness.   It so well written and directed by Paul Thomas Anderson.  I was never a big fan of There Will be Blood, but loved Magnolia and this is a welcome addition to his important body of work. It is shaping up to be an interesting Oscar race.

Our new short is shot and now I have to wait patiently for post production….edit, music etc and am keenly looking forward to the end result.  I have a good feeling about it. Here is a little video from our PR shoot today, filmed and edited by Cary Judd, who was our assistant cameraman…(multi talented renaissance man) on the film About Andy.   Danyale Cook is doing Austin von Johnson’s makeup while I watch and Cary films!!

And this by Cary…taken today!

I am off to LA this week for a while …to seek my fame and fortune (again!) at the urging of my Managers and also to get some sun, sea, sand, sailing  and warmth, looking forward to the new adventure!  So, as my flight leaves at 6am tomorrow, will make this a short one….more from the City of Angels!!!

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