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Off back to London in 10 days, do hope I am not following the England squad back from this continent, after their World Cup efforts. The truth of the matter is that I think we have lost our killer instinct, I know that’s not very nice or PC, but the English did have much more of a get-up and go attitude back in the day. Political Correctness, afraid of saying what you really think, wanting everyone to like you? Result of the Welfare Society… being looked after from the “cradle to the grave” ? Well friends, think that is a concept fast disappearing as money shuffles around the world and one side gets richer as the other gets poorer. The answers? I don’t know and neither do many other people, it seems to me.

I have been watching THE WHITE QUEEEN, a Starz production and thoroughly enjoying it. Of course I am a History buff, but despite being based on a popular novelist’s view of the War of the Roses, it seems to me to be pretty accurate, right up to Richard III appearing as a decent man, despite Shakespeare’s portrait of him. Of course Shakespeare’s sponsor was Elizabeth I and it was her grandfather Henry VII who killed Richard in battle and took the throne. So poor old Richard had to be a villain in that play. All I can say is, that, that lot really had the killer instinct and their plotting and ambition boggles the mind. The series has terrific young actors, full of vim and vigour playing all the parts, the acting was just fine and the bedroom scenes were sexy and attractive, without being boring. There was one actor, whom I wont name, that drove me up the wall with her mannerisms, but I am sure many people liked her. But the rest were very good and I am sure we will see more of them.

This industry’s a bit like horse racing so I will pick a couple of winners we will see more of: Rebecca Ferguson, Aneurin Barnard, Max Irons and Faye Marsay.
The battle scenes were horrific as they should have been and bloody. So all in all, well done the Producers of that series. I loved the music too, written by the composer of the Downton Abbey music: John Lunn, he is a talent worth watching.



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