The story of a Golden Globe nominated actress who’s done much of it and advice to those who want to do it!

THE DAMNED THING is a wonderful, ahead of its time story, about what we humans can see or hear and the animals who can see more! We filmed in a remote area of Idaho called Burgdorf, with original miners cabins of the period…no running water no electricity! The location was quite challenging, but our Director Jesse Cordtz a very talented local Director was up to it. I did worry that we would burn down the State of Idaho with some of the massive lights we hauled in for night shooting. Apart from Tate McCullough a local good actor, we had George Hemmings, son of David and goodness did he look like his father.

THE DAMNED THING was written by Ambrose Bierce the extraordinary Civil War Writer, whose famous story was AN OCCURRENCE AT OWL CREEK.   Ambrose Bierce fought in the American Civil War and then disappeared when he went to fight in one of the Mexican Wars for Independence.   He was a visionary, whose ideas were way ahead of their time and THE DAMNED THING is a real illustration of that.


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