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There has been a great kerfuffle later over Actresses’ nude pictures being hacked from Apple’s ICloud.   To repeat myself, if you don’t want hackers/people to find photographs of you in the nude, don’t have them taken in the first place!    I am a big fan of Apple, I am not a big fan of the Cloud, since we all know how insecure and vulnerable the Internet is and by putting your stuff on some fuzzy, unknown “Cloud” (in the sky?), another terrestrial storage facility, I suppose, is increasing the hazard, I would think.

I appeared, very briefly, larking about, naked in the sea, with Oliver Reed in THE SYSTEM (THE GIRL GETTERS -US title) and it caused an uproar at the time – would be nothing now.   But I did it, because it fit the character I was playing, the script and scene we were doing.   It was quite a “cinema verite” movie. I did not do it again, but never had a problem with nudity if it was done for the right reasons.   A lot of my generation did do nude scenes in films, the great and lovely Helen Mirren certainly did them, she makes no bones about it. It was always a bit of a big deal, nude scenes on film and if it’s done for salacious reasons it’s better not to do it.  We did not however pose for nude pictures, we weren’t in that business and young actors if anyone tries to persuade you, it’s the way to get on in your career, do not listen…it’s not.  However there is nothing wrong with the human body.   My mother, who was a very good professional artist, always said that she could never understand some people’s issues with the human form, the most natural thing in the world.

I will say, though that I get uncomfortable sometimes, watching people having sex on film. It is voyeurism and I resent being put in that position. Sex between people is very personal, (though it seems to be getting impersonal these days…sad) and few love making scenes on screen, work, they are either boring or silly. Definitely Not Sexy.

And on that note, I will say au revoir!The_System_FilmPoster



  • September 13, 2014 at 7:43 am Reply
    Violetta Kafourides says:

    I agree Jane!! It’s like when celebs call reporters to an event, then ‘complain’ about exposure & infringement of their privacy. I especially agree with the last para on watching people having sex on film. So many times it’s blatantly obvious, it’s meant to attract voyeurs, & I resent their automatic belief we are all the same. Some of us, actually want to see the film!! As you quite rightly say, definitely boring, & not sexy!!

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