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!950worldcupThe FIFA saga is one of the most unbelievable, hilarious, sad and fascinating stories unfolding before our disbelieving eyes!

Now you may not know much about FIFA or even be interested…I am one of those.   But I know enough that FIFA has long been the ruling body, in charge of World Soccer, the beautiful game as the Brits call it.

The breadth of the corruption and the sheer gall of its “boss” Sepp Blatter is the stuff of Shakespeare.  A tragi-comedy in the making, parading world famous names to support the organisation and sing the praises of the World Cup as run by FIFA.

Soccer or football is a beautiful game and I loved the fact that in the UK it was smallish entertainment on a Saturday afternoon for people…men mainly, to go and cheer their lungs out for their team, relaxing after a week’s mind numbingly work.   It was simple and pure and then as usual money latched on.  Soccer is an elegant fast moving game and my son played it brilliantly as a kid, being able to kick with either foot.  I remember my Dad doing Littlewoods football pools each week in the hope of making the big win…..(after going from riches to rags in a great big hurry under Hitler’s Germany, he was always hopeful of finding the “pot of gold”.)

European Bureaucracy can be amazingly pompous and self important, I ran into some of it when I was running my Company’s contract with CERN in Switzerland.   Give me American or British Bureaucracy any time!   I watch the continuation of the FIFA events with the fascination of a snake being hypnotized by its handler.


2 thoughts on “THE BEAUTIFUL GAME …..raped

  • Yes it is amazing but not surprising. One day the world will be more honest and less corrupt though not in my lifetime perhaps!

  • Hi Jane,
    I so agree, the guy is a !!!!!!!!!, any word will do, he will get found out in the end, it might not be to day or tomorrow or next week, but he will, the EU will take for ever, the US will get him sooner or later, years ago the IRS got Al Capone, the same will happen to this clown.
    I watch a programme called American greed, when people are convicted on there, on a crime like this they will get 20/30 years, he will be having a few sleep less nights waiting for the door bell to ring and it will.

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