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Women Rule the World!?

According to Steve Bannon, “women are taking over society?.  Well Mr Bannon, quick news flash – women have always ruled society…well not quite and not always, but often enough.   It’s nothing new and as far […]


Just finished shooting a new short film… About Andy    The story is of a woman incapacitated by an injury and the young caregiver who arrives to help!  Events get interesting.   All went very well, […]


My childhood was a strange dichotomy.   I grew up with two parents who hated each other, should never have got married and who spent my childhood and some of my adult life at war […]

London Memories

As I walked to church this morning…Holy Trinity in Sloane Street, Chelsea, the Arts and Craft Church,  I felt London envelop me again as it always does when I am here.    I grew  up […]