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Horror and the Media

In 1993 two ten year old boys murdered a little 2 year old boy James Bulger in England…an unspeakable crime. Some say the boys were influenced by a film Childs Play….about a murdering toy, a […]


Second week of Macbeth in Portsmouth and I am just beginning to relax and enjoy doing playing this wicked woman who destroys herself with her own wickedness.    Between trying to avoid being knocked out […]

More London and Shakespeare

Still here in London and enjoying myself….it is a pleasure to be able to walk out and sit on the underground, in a coffee shop, theatre and just talk to people, complete strangers.  I think […]


Oh dear we are losing our language… our beautiful words, our communication skills, our ability to just talk to each other…I am sad.   People don’t want to talk on the phone anymore they just […]