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Women Rule the World!?

According to Steve Bannon, “women are taking over society?.  Well Mr Bannon, quick news flash – women have always ruled society…well not quite and not always, but often enough.   It’s nothing new and as far […]


First Blog of a new Year….2018….very happy to still be here!    Life ….. wonderful, exciting…. so full of possibilities, new adventures, new people… things to learn. Our world is changing very quickly..largely due to technology.  […]

OSCAR and all that stuff

Big night tomorrow, The Oscars and although I am not a great believer of pitting talent against talent in awards shows, it’s been going on forever and won’t stop…too many of them now, but the […]

Oscar here! Press and Public nipping at his heels

He’s back…Oscar, with all his hopes, aspirations and disappointments.  What started as a relatively small contest within Hollywood, among those in the Industry has escalated into something very big and the criticism being levelled at the beleagured […]


  Oscar will be awaiting your pleasure tomorrow night friends and frankly every film and every person involved in all the films should win this year…the standard is very high at least in the main […]