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Easter Sunday evening and I write this after a lovely peaceful Day spent in the Suffolk countryside with closest friend Jenni and her partner David.   Easter has always been for me, as for most […]

Happy New Year…Love For Us All…

“Why love if losing hurts so much….the pain now is part of the happiness then”. A truncated quote from Anthony Hopkins….rings true in my ears.   Love is on my mind on this last day of […]

Anonymous – a little love note to my friends

Happy Valentines Day to all you wondrous lovers out there. Make love, be close, eat chocolate, whisper wonderful secrets to each other….I remember when on Valentines Day, you received an anonymous card, flowers or gift […]


Oh dear we are losing our language… our beautiful words, our communication skills, our ability to just talk to each other…I am sad.   People don’t want to talk on the phone anymore they just […]