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London Memories

As I walked to church this morning…Holy Trinity in Sloane Street, Chelsea, the Arts and Craft Church,  I felt London envelop me again as it always does when I am here.    I grew  up […]


Achieving our ambitions, our dreams is rather like catching a butterfly in a net.  It is elusive, attractive, tricky, but if we persevere we will catch it and accomplish what we want. I was lucky…from […]

Back to Blighty

Feeling a little blue at the moment with all thats going on in the world, the ruthless killings in Brussels and now Pakistan and the incredible divisiveness here in the US partly due to the […]

Great Show, Terrible Sound

  Am watching new Netflix/BBC  TV series HAPPY VALLEY.    It’s very good, but  gruesome.  I know that many people in the UK had complained because of the violence in the show, when it was first […]