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More Good People, Past and Present

Hello all….leaving for the UK again in a couple of days and will be turning up at one or two events. One is a tribute to Patrick McGoohan for charity, which his daughter Catherine will […]


Continuing memories of leading men….and of course leading ladies, how could I leave out Katharine Hepburn and the three I started with… first job as Assistant Stage Manager (I wasn’t very good!) and understudy(I was […]


My childhood was a strange dichotomy.   I grew up with two parents who hated each other, should never have got married and who spent my childhood and some of my adult life at war […]

Happy New Year…Love For Us All…

“Why love if losing hurts so much….the pain now is part of the happiness then”. A truncated quote from Anthony Hopkins….rings true in my ears.   Love is on my mind on this last day of […]


  A little bit of the past coming up, with a screening of THE LION IN WINTER at The Magic Lantern Cinema in Ketchum, Idaho…next door to Sun Valley!   This will be on September 18th […]