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Jane in London…nice weather for December

6 hours watching the update board on my flight from Chicago to Boise and then the interesting news …..”we have lost the pilot, he hasn’t arrived to take the flight and it is now cancelled”.   Weariness and panic set in, but United Airlines hand out little pieces of paper with discount rates on hotels and line to call to re-book.   I found my way to the Intercontinental, lovely room and proceeded to increase my reduced room rate by drinking Grey Goose vodka, very nice, but honestly not too different from Smirnoff and what happened to Stoli!?  A friendly agent got me on to a flight to San Francisco and then to Boise the next day, which was a bit of luck as the temperatures were due to plummet and I could have sat in Chicago for  week!  I did “Arsenic and Old Lace” there with the Gabor sisters (yes the Gabors playing the murdering old ladies) in mid winter and did not enjoy the cold in Chicago.  Next day I fought my way through the 200 yard lines of hopeful passengers waiting to re-book and staggered on to the plane after more delays (no Captain again and the cargo door is frozen open!).   Eventually the Captain arrives to cheers and the cargo door is closed and after the plane has been showered with what looked like thick orange juice… they colour the anti-freeze  orange, so that they know where they have sprayed already, the nice engineer next to me tells me,  we leave the icy shores of Chicago in my favourite airplane the Boeing 747.  This lovely old plane is so old that the ticket agent, giving me my boarding pass had never heard of it!

And so onto San Francisco and thence Boise, without my luggage, which has taken its own trip to Denver.  And now here I am again looking out on snow and sunshine and thinking how lucky I was to get home, when so many hordes of people were left behind in Chicago, when The Big Chill hit!



Chicago..not so nice weather



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