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After dire warnings by Facebook, that I haven’t posted in ages…not quite true…I thought I had better jump to attention and write something.

It seems to be that we are regressing into a highly adolescent state about sex…the importance of it, the excitement of it, the stress of it and I find this rather strange.

I have been watching the Oscar nominated Foreign films, which I love doing and have been enjoying them, well at least most.   German film “Toni Erdmann” is being strongly marketed and apparently is so popular, it will be remade into an American version, with Jack Nicholson.  There is a scene in it wherein one of the male characters masturbates with graphic detail…(not the character to be played by Mr Nicholson).  Is this one of the reasons the film is so popular?  Another character gives a party  where everyone has to be nude.  I am clearly missing something.  We seem to have moved into a generation, where sex is a novelty to be demonstrated graphically and crudely and we should be titillated by this new phenomenon  My mother was an artist and once remarked that she did not understand why people were so excited by seeing the human body in its most natural state,.  I agree with her…what’s the big’s normal…I thought we were adults?  Toni Erdmann did not offend me with all its purient goings on, it offended me for something far worse…I got rather bored and nearly gave up on it, although the lead character is rather fun!

Land of Mine

There are three films which are excellent..I have yet to see the fourth.   Danish film Land of Mine, is a heartbreaking film about young German soldiers (almost boys, who were the few males left after Hitler had had his way), who were sent by the Allies to clear the Danish beaches of the hundreds of mines hidden on the Danish beaches after the War.  It is very moving and with graphic violence…acceptable to make the point.  Swedish film “A Man Called Ove” is a lovely film, about a difficult, bitter old man and his redemption by the decent people living around him…and I liked The Salesman an Iranian film, which is original and fascinating.  BTW the wonderful Iranian Director Asghar Farhadi of this film cannot attend the Oscar ceremony, as he is barred by President Trump’s travel ban on people travelling to the US from Iran ….ridiculous!

The Salesman

There are some terrific films among the nominees …I love Manchester by the Sea although I know friends found it hard to watch and “Hidden Figures” is moving and inspiring and a good reminder of some of America’s great times, despite the still existing segregation laws.

“Fences” is terrific, beautifully written, originally written as a play, by the great writer August Wilson…which made me particularly happy as the film I want to make “Reunion” started life as a beautifully written play.  Just goes to show that great plays can make great films!

I am hoping to try something new on you next time…I am planning to read some lovely, funny short stories on screen, as a change. entitled “Drinking With Dead Women Writers” written by two Idaho writers Elaine Ambrose and AK Turner.

 Bye for now….JM

4 thoughts on “Sex on the Screen! Oh No!

  • Loving the photo! Beautiful then & still beautiful.

  • My Dear Ms. Metros,
    I am in the process I watching The Lion in Winter. This is probably the 10th time I’ve seen it and I am still mesmerized by the film’s brilliance and your beauty. I therefore decided to Google your name. One of the things that caught my eye we’re comments what you made regarding nudity and sex. I agree with you entirely. The one thing that you should keep in mind is that America deals with those subjects in a very puritanical way. It’s unfortunate that the country continues that have very Victorian views. I think that the belief is if a child where to see a nipple he would react the same way the witch in The Wizard of Oz did when she had water thrown on her. In any case I thought your portrayal in the movie was absolutely wonderful. You were certainly surrounded buy a surfeit of talent. According to the article you divide your time between England and Idaho. My wife by the way is a brummie. Should you ever find yourself passing through New York’s JFK Airport I would love to show my appreciation for your talent by taking you to dinner. I wish you peace.

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