The story of a Golden Globe nominated actress who’s done much of it and advice to those who want to do it!

Jane Merrow (7)I love Paris, the City of Light, it is beautiful and I have treasured memories of numerous visits there.  It is unbearably sad that such a joyful place, should suffer the terrible tragedy of two days ago.  I am deeply sorry and I feel sure we are all thinking of the French people, our friends and allies with great sympathy.   I am currently in London, but see no noticeable difference in the way we are going about our lives and there isn’t the apparent disruption that Isis so strongly desires, only a sense of defiance and great anger.

IMG_0471On a lighter happier note, we had a great day at the London Film Convention, largely dedicated to horror and cult TV and film.   There were many old friends, including Geoffrey Whitehead, (we were in the same class at RADA), Edina Ronay, with whom I used to double date when she was seeing Michael Caine and I was with David Hemmings, Edward de Souza, star of the Phantom of the Opera, one of my first films, the wonderful actor David Warner, leading man in the theatre and many international films (TITANIC) and quite a few others.   IMG_0474I am not sure where and when David and I met, or if we even worked together, but I do remember the year he was playing Henry VI in all both of the Shakespeare plays, part I and part II at the Royal Shakespeare Theatre at Stratford upon Avon.  David was getting rather stressed and depressed by the whole thing, so David Hemmings (DH and I were up in Stratford to see David W) would keep DW entertained and laughing by the hour with a non stop stream of silly jokes and quite impressive conjuring tricks, including stealing your watch right off your wrist, without you noticing.   It cheered DW up no end.   Here we are remembering Hemmings on the left. The-Royal-Shakespeare-Theatre_-2010_2010_Stratford-Royal-Shakespeare-Theatre_Peter-Cook-_c_-RSC_BA-RSC-0001 So it was a day of happy memories and reminiscing about those present and those now gone.   A big vote of thanks to all the wonderful fans, who braved the rain to come along….. without whom, we would be nothing and nowhere…and thanks also to the excellent organiser Pete Sims, who put the whole thing together.

A good time was had by all!

Jane with RADA classmate Geoffrey Whitehead

Jane with RADA classmate Geoffrey Whitehead

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