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Always one of my favorite actors, not everyone’s, but as he reminded us himself, he’s an actor, not an Icon of good behaviour. I went to see Russell Crow in NOAH. I really liked the film and him in it. And I feel people should see this film, it is a modern story for our times, although from the Old Testament. It covers the morality of:

*The deteriorating and violent actions of so called humanity…Man’s inhumanity to Man.

*Animal rights…dont think we treat our fellow sharers of this earth very well…in fact we positively abuse them.

*Climate change.

How’s that for a modern fable with excellent performances, amazing special effects and it’s directed thoughtfully and really well. I don’t doubt that the downside of the film came from meddling Producers and Studios wanting to get in their ten cents with script changes etc.
Everyone thinks they can do it better than the writer!

Anyway go see it.


One thought on “RUSSELL CROWE – NOAH

  • You know I haven’t seen much with Russell Crow in, except for Gladiator, I can’t think of anything, I don’t really know what his reputation is about, so I’m scratching my head about the good behavior reference. I do understand that he’s a bit gobby–but really, is that a sin now? I’m aware that actors are subject to stress and long irregular hours, are we really expecting those people to be Sir Percy Blakeney, 24/7? There’s a lot wrong with world, politicians who lie steal and spread hatred and breed violence, seemingly subject to no criticism: an actor who gets a bit huffy at public function has the bricks on him from a great height, seems inconsistent to me but as I say, I’m not really aware of the facts.

    The film looks interesting although I’m not a big of fan morality flicks and I don’t really believe in climate change. Hang on, that’s not quite true, climate changes–pretty much an incontestable reality, Climate Change [note the caps] a conceited fantasy–again incontestably, outside the influence of propaganda. What interests me is that it concerns the biblical diluvian catastrophe, a story that stands out from the tedious proscriptions of the old testament, with it’s unsettling questions about human nature and it’s place in the broader world, the Tower of Babel does that a bit too. I hope the film reflects that inquisitive genius, I don’t like stories that have the answers, that’s what a morality tale is, people telling you how to live your life by proscribing solutions that abet their own agenda.

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