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Pater DinklagejpgExpanding on a moan of mine….I have tried to watch GAME OF THRONES several times and every time I have given up, it is well done, good production values, apart from some very dark scenes in which you can’t see anything (lighting? Where is Dougie Slocombe, when you need him) and a couple of decent performances mainly Peter Dinklage, but otherwise it’s boring and utterly unengaging. I give up, won’t bother any more.   I have to lay the blame at George Martin’s door, who got incredibly lucky when someone decided his books were worth making….come on…… English History is much more interesting and dark and bloody and frightening, of which we are reminded in WOLF HALL.   Like many others I decided to watch the ‘horrifying’ rape scene this season between Iwon Rheon and some actress, whose name I didn’t catch….after all the hype I, like many others was caught up by the publicity, more fool me and turned it on.   I had no idea what was going on, but in fairness I had come to it mid several seasons, but all looked much the same interchangeable story, with lots of violence, sex and long dull scenes. Well my friends I like Iwon Rheon very much as an actor, he’s personable and watchable, but dark violent man he is not ( mind you he doesn’t get much help from the script) and the horrific rape scene was laughable.   If you want to see a horrific rape screen watch TWO WOMEN with Sophia Loren.

I am just sorry that so much time and money is being wasted on such dreary material and quality shows like WOLF HALL are considered too highbrow for the general public and just don’t get the publicity hype that could make them “hot”.   I’ve already gone on about the wonders of Mark Rylance and Damian Lewis as Henry Vlll is superb, bringing to life one of the biggest monsters of history.   Now I will shut up and leave you Thrones fans to your pleasure, but I won’t be watching it any more…Ann BoleynDamian Lewis


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