The story of a Golden Globe nominated actress who’s done much of it and advice to those who want to do it!

Apart from my wonderful family and my dearest friends, my two passions in life are acting and sailing.   Just come back from LA and meetings on another film I want to make  and of course act in – REUNION…people, whose opinions I value, like the script and that is good news and things seem to be moving forward in the right direction.   Making movies is hard…well perhaps not the actual making, but getting the elements together to get one off the ground.   It’s easy if a studio is behind it, except that there are always issues with control and studios like to be in control.  You have to be a pretty big name Director, Star, Producer to deal with that, but at least you have the money!  With indie films, which this will be, the control is easier…you get the right people involved who like the project and want to do it and you are generally speaking the same language.  The issue then is getting the money and that is harder…so off I go again…wish me luck!

Anacapa, Channel Islands, CA

Anacapa, Channel Islands, CA

Sailing is much easier and lots of fun if you’re doing it with the right people.   I do it only with the right people, who know how to do it, do it properly and importantly safely.   The ocean is wonderful, it is beautiful, whether it’s calm or stormy, windy or still.   It’s just there and doesn’t care about you.  I have been staying with a good friend Rossi in Ventura, California and sailing with her and other good friend Gary Swenson, owner of the Ullman Sails loft in Ventura and what they don’t know about sailing and the sea is not worth knowing.   We had a perfect day sailing out to the Channel Islands …we went round the back of the first island Anacapa, saw seal lions riding and sunbathing on a buoy marker, dolphins, splashing, playing and diving and a whale….what more could you ask for.  Friends if you want to get your thoughts into proper perspective go out on the ocean, I highly recommend it.  

Steller Sea Lions, Orca Bay, Prince William Sound, Cordova, Chugach National Forest, Alaska.

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