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Adventures in the Screen Trade


Can you think of two more different experiences?  A root canal and sailing. Just experienced both on my trip to Ventura, California.  One is always  joyful and the other not so much.  After enduring toothache for a couple of days, a trip to the dentist was clearly on the cards,   The biggest challenge was getting there!  I have never been blessed with an amazing sense of husband once ...

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Friends and Places I Love

Last week I was filming a self tape audition with friends Cary Judd and Austin von Johnson at Cary’s studio in Boise, Idaho and this week I am cutting out numbers to go onto sails, at friend Gary Swenson's Sail Loft, with Gary and friends Rossi Acree and Deke Klatt  in Ventura, California.   My life seems to be hopping around various locations spending time with good long standing friends at the ...

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Tis the Season….for Horror

It's that time of the year friends ...when everyone trots out their horror films, carves the pumpkins and sprays the fake cobwebs every where.   I did a film, of which I have no really fond memories, except that it me gave a trip to fascinating Hong Kong...I liked the Chinese people I met there, very much...not so much the rich ones, but the poor ones -  such dignity.  Our leading man, who ...

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Women Rule the World!?

According to Steve Bannon, women are taking over society?.  Well Mr Bannon, quick news flash - women have always ruled society...well not quite and not always, but often enough.   It's nothing new and as far as I can see, we have come no harm to date.   Of course a few might argue that Margaret Thatcher did harm to her world  and maybe she did a bit, but on the whole ...

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Love, Life and Horror Stories

New Chilling Tales, the whole anthology is now on the website, all four short films wrapped into one.   I do hope you watch and enjoy it .   I like it because the stories were written some time ago, by great classic writers, but really the stories are not old, because they all have some relevance today.  Human nature never changes and the main characters are all largely motivated ...

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