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Adventures in the Screen Trade


Fires rage, sun blazes, forests burn, humans and animals wilt in this immensely hot summer. Greece and now California have been devastated by raging fires...will it take the oceans to boil, before we accept the damage we are doing to our little planet by global warming? By and large I am not a political animal...a coward if you will, who prefers to sit on the sidelines  and amuse my self watching humanity busily making a right mess of what we have ...

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  Last Saturday night, I sat almost nose to nose with very attractive Aidan Turner ( Poldark to you and me) as I watched him onstage in the play the Lieutenant of Innishmore, by the wonderful Martin McDonagh, he who wrote In Bruges and Three Billboards outside Ebbing Missouri I had a seat in the front row and enjoyed this play as much as anything as I can remember.   It is funny, dark ...

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London Life!

Life continues in London in its own delightful way.....made a couple of nice personal a tribute to Patrick McGoohan ....the great Patrick...and then last week was London Film Fair....caught up with wonderful Sylvia Syms and old acquaintance Carolyn Seymour.   Sylvia is one of the real English film  stars and appearing in smany of the Classic English films.   Two of my favourites were Victim.....way ahead of its time and Ice Cold in Alex.   I strongly recommend seeing both. Carolyn and I ...

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London Again- Friends and Other Good Times!

Danger Man Don't think my feet have touched the ground since I got to London this many nice people and treats enjoyed by yours truly so far.  To start will mention one event for which I came, a retrospective tribute to Patrick McGoohan at the Elstree Studios...where they shoot the Harry Potter Films, The Crown, the Star Wars trilogy, Indiana Jones etc, etc.   I worked there a lot in the 1960's in various shows:   The Saint with Roger Moore, ...

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Back in Blighty again and spent a whirlwind week in London, catching up with my closest friend, before she disappeared to her second home in Suffolk...will be joining her this weekend, travelling up by train, which I love.   Despite delays and timetable frustrations, here with the engineering works and be bumped by freight trains in the US (there is only one rail line) is a joy just to sit and look out ...

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