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Adventures in the Screen Trade


Today it's the turn of Charlotte Gilman Perkins and her story  The Yellow Wallpaper, which you can watch at on this site! Here's a little bit more about Charlotte Gilman Perkins and the Women's Suffrage movement in the US.   These were brave women flying in the facial of a social order which had lasted for hundreds of years.  Historically women had been traded in marriage for property and money.   The woman would then have the ...

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Edgar Allan Poe – Genius

Talking about Edgar Allan Poe - master of darkness and genius - another classic, great writer.   Remember you can watch his wonderful story The Tell-Tale Heart, starring Darren Burrows of Northern Exposure in New Chilling Tales   Here's a bit more about Edgar Allan Poe and his prolific talent and tragic life.   Over 60 short stories and over 60 poems written and dead aged only ...

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Vlog instead of Blog- Ambrose Bierce

Ok  - Friends, instead of writing a blog this time...thought it might be fun to create a for both of us, we hope, but it could may be fun for neither.  However in the spirit of Good Will and Cheer for the Season, I am giving it a go! Don't forget!  New Chilling Tales on the site!! Happy New Year! AMBROSE BIERCE Ambrose ...

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The title to this blog relates to Michael Croft friend, founder of the  National Youth Theatre and  Shakespeare expert above all. So twisting the Macbeth quote to fit my name when whenever we met was a little ongoing joke between us.  I don't think I have ever met anyone who understood Shakespeare and directed his plays as brilliantly as Michael.  My two weeks rehearsing Julius Caesar, playing Portia, taught me more ...

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