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Adventures in the Screen Trade


A heart beating, a man obsessed with an old man’s eye, these are at the core of the magnificent story by Edgar Allan Poe and here is a brand new film to give you that story. Learn ...

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The Woman, who is driven mad by her obsession with the wallpaper in the bedroom, while is trying to recover from a near nervous breakdown. Confined to the room, the Woman is finally driven over the brink into madness, by seeing herself trapped in the wallpaper. This film is from the 19th century story THE YELLOW WALLPAPER, by Charlotte Perkins Gilman. Learn ...

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We’re in the middle of a massive heatwave in the USA and here in Idaho it’s 104 degrees Farenheit, whew! And I have no air conditioning in my little house, could do with it now. I remember a horror film I did way back when, called THE NIGHT OF THE BIG HEAT...... in the US it was called ISLAND OF THE BURNING DAMNED. It starred Christopher Lee, Peter Cushing the stalwarts of horror films and me and some other ...

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Recently I moved Hosting Companies..again. I had found one that I really liked and suddenly, I found that the actual hosting had become grindingly slow and any time I wanted to add something to the, I could hardly get a sentence up. I don’t know what happened and as no explanation or help was forthcoming from the Company, it was time pack up my bags, or in this instance files and move on again. When I think back to ...

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The one good thing about the weather has been that one is more or less forced to stay indoors and GET ON WITH IT. In my case it has been writing and sending out our recently completed film to various film festivals. Now I am just waiting for the results, will we be accepted at any Festivals? That would be great and I am also sending it out to various potential buyers. And of course keeping my eye on ...

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