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Adventures in the Screen Trade


As I watched the Golden Globes on Sunday, I mused about the two ceremonies I had attended, the first when I was nominated for THE LION IN WINTER and second time when friend, Anthony Hopkins was nominated for SILENCE OF THE LAMBS..... I went along as his pal, because Jenni, his wife was stuck in England.  I didn't win and Tony did not win, which was very surprising, but never mind he went on to win the Oscar that ...

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Jane in London...nice weather for December 6 hours watching the update board on my flight from Chicago to Boise and then the interesting news .....we have lost the pilot, he hasn't arrived to take the flight and it is now cancelled.   Weariness and panic set in, but United Airlines hand out little pieces of paper with discount rates on hotels and line to call to re-book.   I found my way to the Intercontinental, lovely room and proceeded to increase my ...

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Christmas and the Twilight of 2013

NELSON MANDELA -A Great Man GoneHello everyone, the Year is nearly over and I am in the UK trying to sort out my life here, the practical elements that is, where to live, getting rid of a lifetimes 'stuff' and seeing many dear and missed friends...... missed while I am living in the US.  I do feel as if I live in two countries now and I do and I suppose I will, till I can't do the journey ...

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Film Watching Goes On

  I think I may have mentioned that, being a member of the Academy and BAFTA, I get to vote during the Awards season.  This is a an honour and a privilege that I covet, as I love watching movies.  Well here's two more to add to the current list...I watched Fruitvale Station, which is a powerful and terrific film, based on true events, with excellent acting and direction.  The film was written and directed by first time Director Ryan ...

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