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  Not so much a recent project, more a new one for this site....I want to help you to find some of my friends, who are doing interesting work at the moment and, if I can, help promote their work.  Here is Charlotte Durie, artist, whose work I like and whom, I have  know for a few years now.   Charlotte lives in a wonderful converted barn in the wilds of Wales.    Charlotte has been painting and drawing for ...

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Waiting is a large part of are either waiting for an audition, news of an audition, news of getting a job, a job to start, a call to start, waiting on set and my favourite saying Hurry up and wait.   You're making a movie/TV whatever and your call to make-up is at 6am...6am at location or studio...into the makeup chair, made beautiful or ugly ...

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I've been doing a lot of writing, of late. To make things easier to remember, I've changed my Facebook page to ...

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  The Oscar race is on and the finish line approaches, Sunday March 2nd.  It's all good and exciting.   One of my favourite parts is here viewing all those nominated in Best Foreign , Best Animated, Best Short, Best Documentary Best Short Documentary.   I get to see such great films from all over the place and with the advent of YouTube etc, many of these films will available online.  This is where some of the best viewing is to be ...

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Last time I wrote about the Nominated Films, I included AUGUST, OSAGE COUNTY, which was not nominated.  I wonder why.  There are usually ten nominations for Best Picture, this year there only nine.  My mistake.. So to the remaining four...from an Actors viewpoint. 1.   THE WOLF OF WALL STREET directed by the incomparable Martin Scorsese and starring Leonardo DiCaprio.   This is a bit like Mr Toad's Wild Ride;  the story runs on the edge of control and finally runs out ...

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