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Adventures in the Screen Trade


Passwords Passwords They haunt me and torment me. Please hold, while I pass you to our support team Passwords Passwords Give me a break and do be kind. Dashlane tries to help me, but even it is defeated by my ...

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New Chilling Tales….off to Market

Just got back from London and after many housekeeping duties...finding a new place as a pied a terre, changing banks, seeing dear friends, going to the theatre, it is nose to the grindstone to get New Chilling Tales out to the global mobile market.   Did you know there are nearly 7 billion mobile phones in the world and millions of note books etc.   So I am off to grab the opportunities that are out there, wish us ...

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London and Exciting things happening

Had a great time at the Sun Valley Film Festival, where our film was an official entry. So now we will enter for more of the same. Made a very useful contact there..more to follow on that. Bottom line is that digital online film industry is here to stay. Saw old pal David Seidler (The Kings Speech), happy memories on the film we worked on. Never got made, but great story, great script. So now I am in Seattle, ...

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Oscar, all over bar the Shouting

Well.... 12YEARS A SLAVE won its so deserved best picture Oscar and having voted for it, I for one am delighted.   It's an extraordinary story and as usual taken from the words of a man who was actually kidnapped into slavery, it has so much the ring of truth, that few fictional accounts can have.  The real story is so often more moving and thrilling than a fabrication.   Some people have said to me that they are ...

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  Oscar will be awaiting your pleasure tomorrow night friends and frankly every film and every person involved in all the films should win this year...the standard is very high at least in the main categories.  I have said this before but I will say it one more time, I was very disappointed that WADJDA...the Saudi Arabian film did not make it into best foreign film category, nor GLORIA the wonderful Chilean movie.  However I have no doubt it will ...

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