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Recent pic by Cary Judd   Happy to say that NEW CHILLING TALES- THE ANTHOLOGY  is still on Amazon for you to view, should you wish.   Judging from the comments I would say that people  like the film.    Some are critical, but that's to be expected, especially when you're doing classic comment was the THE TELL-TALE HEART was not a new story- true, but we are telling it for a new generation, who might be moved to read the story, if they see ...

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Saw Hamilton yesterday, at last, after hearing its praises sung for long time.  They were is a glorious show, original, compelling and quite brilliant.  I defy anyone to dislike it.   The story is fascinating in itself and I will be reading the's a very good way of educating anyone about the US's early history as a country independent from England.   King George III's  lament at losing the Colony, as it was then is one of ...

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One of my great pleasures of being in London is the Academy activities, screenings, event, interviews, talks etc.   I have been a member of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences , for many years now and have always enjoyed the  privilege of meeting so many talents in our industry, both sides of the camera.  At one time I served on the Events Committee under the caring Chairmanship of Gary Kurtz, who was ...

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Yesterday I spent a blissful afternoon wandering around the Stanley Kubrick Exhibition at the Design Museum in London. What an amazing Director he was.  I love that he loved what he did so much and put so much into it.   A great love in my life is finding people, with talent, and who do what they do, well and with passion.   It's sexy!  I hate people with real talent, who waste it and I have ...

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