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Drinking with Dead Women Writers- Ayn Rand

Hello everyone, here I am, back in the good old US of A, after a wonderful UK trip.   Goodness it's hot here, but have just had a lovely week with 4th of July Celebrations and 6th birthday celebration for my grandson Luke. Here's another reading, this from extraordinary Ayn Rand from those talented ladies:   Elaine Ambrose and AK Turner.....AYN RAND THE PHILOSOPHY OF VODKA.....hope you enjoy...I had fun doing ...

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ASCOT – a little bit of my UK history

Its the last day of the Ascot races....part of the English season...all the great and the good turn out!   The Queen attends..hoping one of her horses will win.  If you are one of the fortunate toffs  invited into the Royal Enclosure....there is strict dress code.... the men wear morning dress, top hats and all the women wear absurd clothes and ridiculous hats...strawberries and cream...champagne flowing.  Fun for some!      The Queens Coronation gown drawn by ...

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The world seems to be in apocalyptic mode at the moment. I am in the UK and have been a bystander to the recent really horrific events here….the slaughter of innocents at a music concert in Manchester, the brutal attack of people having a fun night out on London Bridge, the unimaginable fire in a tower block, near to where I am staying and now the attempted murder of Muslims in another ferocious attack. As someone said, the next ...

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London is under attack again, for the umpteenth time and sad though we all are, the resilient spirit which has seen the people through difficult times is showing its face again.   I am here in the city at the moment and I am deeply sorry for the poor people, who have lost their lives and who have suffered under this last attack and the one in Manchester. While the ...

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Just recently I have been privileged to spend time with two women of substance.   In Idaho, just before this trip to the UK, I had lunch with a wonderful lady, hovering on the edge of the amazing age of 100.  I have known Eurice for some years now, from the Church I go to in Boise.   We both read the lesson in Church from time to time, she without the benefit of glasses and I with them!  Eurice grew ...

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