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Today is my grandson Luke’s birthday, I will miss it and him, as he is there and I am here.   I have spent so much more time with him as part of his early development, than I was able to do with my other grandchildren, Kaden and Brynn, so we are mates...for now. As he grows up more, he will grow away more, it’s sad but inevitable and the proper path of childhood, but I feel so lucky ...

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  “Mon Dieu I thought he was dead”, so spoke my manager, the wonderful Marion Rosenberg about an actor we were discussing. My best friend in London is always “killing off” people, thinking they were gone and then we look them up, to find that that are still with us. Generally the only way to find out if you’re unsure is to look them up on IMDB. Often you are pleasantly surprised or shocked and saddened. We have lost a ...

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THE WORLD CUP, THE WHITE QUEEN and The Killer Instinct

  Off back to London in 10 days, do hope I am not following the England squad back from this continent, after their World Cup efforts. The truth of the matter is that I think we have lost our killer instinct, I know that’s not very nice or PC, but the English did have much more of a get-up and go attitude back in the day. Political Correctness, afraid of saying what you really think, wanting everyone to like you? ...

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Generally I rush for the mute button or change channel, when a commercial comes on, but sometimes a commercial is so clever and funny, you laugh every time you see it.. and watch it for it's own sake!  This time it's Esurance....A group of old ladies are looking at the wall of photographs that one of them has put up, literally on her wall....the story continues with one lady unfriending another for upstaging her...they are new to the Internet ...

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D-Day…70 Years on

The Seventieth anniversary of D-Day has just been held on in France in and around the beaches of Normandy attented by the US President, the Queen of England, the French President, Mr Putin and many other Heads of State and other luminories.  War is horrendous and humanity has paid the price for it, but few battles were as famous, nor so horrific as the Allied attack to regain those parts of Europe lost to the Nazis.  The bravery of ...

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