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Adventures in the Screen Trade

D-Day…70 Years on

The Seventieth anniversary of D-Day has just been held on in France in and around the beaches of Normandy attented by the US President, the Queen of England, the French President, Mr Putin and many other Heads of State and other luminories.  War is horrendous and humanity has paid the price for it, but few battles were as famous, nor so horrific as the Allied attack to regain those parts of Europe lost to the Nazis.  The bravery of ...

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  At last our films are on New Chilling Tales are online at for you to view, for a small fee. We have to charge a little to make more…films that is. This is a slow organic would be nice to have a sudden huge influx of cash or investment, but so far that is not on the horizon. I have two more videos I want to make, one on a story written by Mark Twain and the ...

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        Just when I thought I had managed to get my sites down to one, I have had to create another one...this one is called: and it will house my films plus some other good shorts too, I hope.  It's not quite ready to go 'up' yet, but soon, soon.   You see friends much as I would love to make my films free for viewing..I CANT AFFORD IT.  There is a wonderful new programme called Pivotshare, created with the ...

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Katharine Hepburn

This lady was definitely one of my kind of people.   Katharine Hepburn was talented, forthright, courageous, clevershe outsmarted the big Hollywood studios and she was funny.   For anyone seriously considering going into the acting business, you could do worse than read a biography of her life and work.   Kate, because that's what we all called her, when we were making THE LION IN WINTER, started her career as a shining star and ended it as a revered shining star ...

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Vampire Generation

We have become the Vampire Generation!!!  It seems that if the blood of a young person........ preferably a very young person, is transfused into the body of an old person, it will rejuvenate that old person and make them younger again.   Now where have we heard this?   In endless horror and vampire stories, I think.  It all seems rather obscene to me, but who am I to argue with science and progress.   Progress?   Young blood, cloned animals, transplanted body ...

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