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Adventures in the Screen Trade

The Queen & My Mother

Now this covers two people that I admire.   The Queen and my Mother.  As you might have guessed this is a fashion drawing of the Queen in her Coronation gown, 1953.   My mother was the artist, she drew this sketch before rushing off to Scotland to marry her second husband.   In the 1940's and 1950's pen and ink sketches were all the newspapers used for their fashion pictures and this is one of them.  The year was 1953 and ...

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Oscar Nominations

Oscar nominations have been announced and include a few of my kind of people, mainly the women for now and mainly the older women.(Like me)  I have to say quickly I love men and will talk about the later, but for now I want to focus on the women.   Among the 10 nominations, 5 for Best Actress and 5 for Best Supporting actress and their ages range from an amazing 24 to an amazing 85.  I am thrilled and ...

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Always one of my favorite actors, not everyone’s, but as he reminded us himself, he’s an actor, not an Icon of good behaviour. I went to see Russell Crow in NOAH. I really liked the film and him in it. And I feel people should see this film, it is a modern story for our times, although from the Old Testament. It covers the morality of: *The deteriorating and violent actions of so called humanity…Man’s inhumanity to Man. *Animal rights…dont think ...

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Passwords Passwords They haunt me and torment me. Please hold, while I pass you to our support team Passwords Passwords Give me a break and do be kind. Dashlane tries to help me, but even it is defeated by my ...

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New Chilling Tales….off to Market

Just got back from London and after many housekeeping duties...finding a new place as a pied a terre, changing banks, seeing dear friends, going to the theatre, it is nose to the grindstone to get New Chilling Tales out to the global mobile market.   Did you know there are nearly 7 billion mobile phones in the world and millions of note books etc.   So I am off to grab the opportunities that are out there, wish us ...

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