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Adventures in the Screen Trade

Women Rule the World!?

According to Steve Bannon, women are taking over society?.  Well Mr Bannon, quick news flash - women have always ruled society...well not quite and not always, but often enough.   It's nothing new and as far as I can see, we have come no harm to date.   Of course a few might argue that Margaret Thatcher did harm to her world  and maybe she did a bit, but on the whole ...

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Love, Life and Horror Stories

New Chilling Tales, the whole anthology is now on the website, all four short films wrapped into one.   I do hope you watch and enjoy it .   I like it because the stories were written some time ago, by great classic writers, but really the stories are not old, because they all have some relevance today.  Human nature never changes and the main characters are all largely motivated ...

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Compilation of All 4 NCT Shorts

WATCH: Here it is friends...NEW CHILLING TALES - the Movie    -   The official compilation of all 4 New Chilling Tales short films! 00:14 Beware of What You Wish For (View Page) 21:53 The Tell-Tale Heart (View Page) 35:47 The Yellow Wallpaper (View Page) 50:25 The Damned Thing (View Page) Tip Jar Please donate if you enjoyed this film. Thank ...

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Hello everyone.   Here is the short film we made a couple of years ago, which has had a good reception at a few Festivals and on You Tube.   It's now a favourite of mine and hope it will  be of yours!   A little cautionary tale for young men and older woman. WATCH: An older woman picks up young man, with interesting results. Directors: Will Von Tagen and Lincoln Lewis MAKING OF COUGAR We made the ...

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Hello friends...think it's time to address the Me Too movement and its implications.  This from over 50 years of my own experience in the business. Firstly it goes without saying that I do not support nor endorse the abuse nor exploitation of anyone in any business by anyone in power or control for their own gratification.   That being said, ours is a peculiarly seductive industry, where people will often ...

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