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Adventures in the Screen Trade


Back in Blighty again and spent a whirlwind week in London, catching up with my closest friend, before she disappeared to her second home in Suffolk...will be joining her this weekend, travelling up by train, which I love.   Despite delays and timetable frustrations, here with the engineering works and be bumped by freight trains in the US (there is only one rail line) is a joy just to sit and look out ...

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More Good People, Past and Present

Hello all....leaving for the UK again in a couple of days and will be turning up at one or two events. One is a tribute to Patrick McGoohan for charity, which his daughter Catherine will attend.   I met her at the  Prisoner 50th Anniversary Event held at Portmeirion last year.   We got on really well and in some ways she reminded me of her father.    That ...

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I suppose I can't let this week go by without writing a little bit about the Wedding. l wish them both well and a long happy life together.  Prince Harry's has not been easy till now and he deserves some happiness and peace.   And I wish the media bandwagon would stop and disappear....but it won't.   We live in an a world so needy and greedy for gossip and news about the lives of others, that it's now an ...

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New Look, New Shop!

Hello everyone We're busy updating the website and incorporating and upgrading the store, where you can buy signed photographs,  the New Chilling Tales DVD's and watch/ stream the films will continue with news, blogs. My friend and long time webmaster Aaron Day of Thrive Web Designs has been working away, to get this done and try to educate me to keep it all going along the way.  Ah the fun and challenges of technology!!! ...

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The Yellow Wallpaper

WATCH: The Woman, who is driven mad by her obsession with the wallpaper in the bedroom, while is trying to recover from a near nervous breakdown. Here's a little bit about the story: Jane talks about THE YELLOW WALLPAPER Buy The Yellow Wallpaper DVD THE YELLOW WALLPAPER – MAKING OF FOR NEW CHILLING TALES The pleasure of making New Chilling Tales underwent a sea change at this point, at least in my head.  Time for me to appear in another film!   Here I am ...

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