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Adventures in the Screen Trade


Jane Merrow Halloween or All Hallows it was known originally, developed from Pagan and Christian Festivals honouring the dead (in case you're interested).  Anyway, it is the time for goblins and ghosts and children all dressed up, knocking on doors for candy handouts.  For me, it is looking forward to a trip to Wales, to film THE HAUNTING OF MARGAM CASTLE, a real ghostly horror story, based on true events.  I am delighted to be working for hire again.  Much ...

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Book – BEING AN ACTOR- published

Jane Merrow 2019 By Nyk Fry Hello last my book - BEING AN ACTOR - is ready to read.  It is on Kindle ....print and Ebook and also on Audible, should you want to listen to it.   Here's the link.  I do hope you take a look or have a listen. This all started, when webmaster and friend Aaron Day  of Thrive Web Designs, said.... write a keep the brand Jane Merrow going.   He's always been a keen advocate of that since ...

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By Nyk Fry First news  - coming very shortly - online  - is my book - BEING AN ACTOR.    The print version will follow quickly.   I will keep you posted here...and where else ? On Social Media of course!!!  Which leads us to the film: The Great Hack on Netflix, is a fascinating documentary about how our lives being are being hijacked on the Internet, largely by Facebook and Google. Many of us are on Facebook, ...

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Jane Merrow Hello is my first Audible narrated book!   (Actually it's my second...I found another one I had done years ago....forgotten about it!) Anyway here it is....enjoy listening..I did.... narrating.  We live in rather dark times at the moment, so a little book about a poker playing witch, watched over by her long suffering daughter, living in a retirement home, in our modern world is a recipe for silliness and pleasure. (Anyway that's what ...

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STAYING IN THE GAME That's the goal, when you get to my age. Just had another birthday and I'm not sure it's a cause for celebration in these advancing years. The problem is - this in-between're too old to be taken too seriously, to be offered jobs, to make the effort with the people you don't like and so on and so on.....but you're too young to be bored, to not love life, to sleep all day, to forget ...

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