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Adventures in the Screen Trade


Getting ready to go back to UK later this week and looking forward, despite dire warnings from friendly acquaintances to stay away from the underground…useful advice…but not very practical, it’s the fastest way to get around London.  I do think about it as I jog down the escalator to the train, but what’s the point.  I was a baby during World War II, often evacuated to the country and I remember my mother telling me that she and my ...

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Achieving our ambitions, our dreams is rather like catching a butterfly in a net.  It is elusive, attractive, tricky, but if we persevere we will catch it and accomplish what we want. I was lucky...from the age of eight I knew what I wanted.   My first stage appearance was aged four playing a fly caught in a spider's web.  I loved the attention, I was a show off and enjoyed the audience ...

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Horror and the Media

In 1993 two ten year old boys murdered a little 2 year old boy James Bulger in England…an unspeakable crime. Some say the boys were influenced by a film Childs Play….about a murdering toy, a doll named Chucky. The terrible influence of the media carries on. A film based on another horror story: It is about to burst onto our screens. Will this horrible story taken from the book by Stephen King influence any other vulnerable children? I have never ...

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Prisoners – Aren’t we All?

The word Prisoner has popped into my life quite a bit recently.  In September I will in the UK for the 50th anniversary of The Prisoner, the iconic series created in the '60's by Patrick McGoohan, a wonderful and sadly missed talent.   I worked with him four times in 3 episodes of Danger Man (Secret Agent) in the US, another terrific series, largely devised by Patrick.  I loved working with him...his professionalism, his energy and strength were stimulating. ...

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Drinking with Dead Women Writers- Ayn Rand

Hello everyone, here I am, back in the good old US of A, after a wonderful UK trip.   Goodness it's hot here, but have just had a lovely week with 4th of July Celebrations and 6th birthday celebration for my grandson Luke. Here's another reading, this from extraordinary Ayn Rand from those talented ladies:   Elaine Ambrose and AK Turner.....AYN RAND THE PHILOSOPHY OF VODKA.....hope you enjoy...I had fun doing ...

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