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The Oscar race is on and the finish line approaches, Sunday March 2nd.  It’s all good and exciting.   One of my favourite parts is here viewing all those nominated in Best Foreign , Best Animated, Best Short, Best Documentary Best Short Documentary.   I get to see such great films from all over the place and with the advent of YouTube etc, many of these films will available online.  This is where some of the best viewing is to be seen.  I went to see THE MONUMENTS MEN today and did enjoy it, excellent story and of course good performances.  Prior to the showing, we had all the trailers for this years Summer films and as usual they are all huge, action and special effects packed block busters, which now all seem to blend into one film all looking and sounding the same.  What has happened to our industry?  All real creativity and imagination seems to have flown out of the window in the determined chase for the money.   My thought is that it really will drive all real movie goers out of the theatres and only those Saturday night outers, with a lot of popcorn and a few drinks inside them will want to go.  We shall see.   I am sad about the way the business is going though, it sort of takes the fun out of it.

Jane Merrow (32)



  • quote..
    All real creativity and imagination seems to have flown out of the window …unquote

    Maybe its are age and we have seen variations of it all before.

    Nice photo by the way.

  • Thanks for commenting Tom…yes all in search of the almighty $…sad.

  • Hi Jane, I’ve seen 3 movies in the past 4 weeks… 12 Years A Slave, Philomena and Saving Mr Banks. All of them totally enoyable and absorbing with great acting and great production and direction values. I’m not easily pleased and usually find something to moan about! xxx Love the photo, it’s on my computer now. Digger

  • Hi Digger

    Good to hear from you…thanks for writing! See more of the Oscar nominated films this year, they are all great! Jane

  • Digger

    Just had a look at your site nice one.

    Read a couple of the interviews very interesting.

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