The story of a Golden Globe nominated actress who’s done much of it and advice to those who want to do it!

oscars-statueBig night tomorrow, The Oscars and although I am not a great believer of pitting talent against talent in awards shows, it’s been going on forever and won’t stop…too many of them now, but the extra money a Best Picture win always means more money at the box office, which puts a big smile on a few people’s faces.   Talking of which, one of the pictures left out is STRAIGHT OUTTA COMPTON, which is a bit of a surprise to me, it’s a great film and very sad. I found it sad anyway and a real indictment of the perils of suddenly earning big money and what it can do to people and friendships. It’ s rather long, but well worth seeing.


The MartianThere are some really strong contenders for Best Picture and I wont ramble on about all the merits of each and every one, but feel I must repeat my dismay that Ridley Scott was overlooked for a Best Director nomination.  Ridley Scott.peg THE MARTIAN is a near perfect film, testament not only to its terrific leading man Matt Damon( do you know how difficult it is to be on screen/ stage alone, for most of the show and carry it off…speaking as an actor), but also to the Director. I admire all the other nominees and was surprised and happy at how much I enjoyed MAD MAX, FURY ROAD very much…thought the story would be too slight for my taste, but I was wrong. Loved THE BIG SHORT, a challenge to understand and follow and BROOKLYN, so moving and simple, much my kind of story.MadMax


So I am sure many people will enjoy the Grand Daddy of awards shows and I wish everyone attending a happy and fun filled evening, and may the women strap themselves into those gorgeous gowns, underpinned by the reliable Spanx, without too much pain…ditto your feet in your Jimmy Choos, can’t say I envy you!!!!

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