The story of a Golden Globe nominated actress who’s done much of it and advice to those who want to do it!

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Well…. 12YEARS A SLAVE won its so deserved best picture Oscar and having voted for it, I for one am delighted.   It’s an extraordinary story and as usual taken from the words of a man who was actually kidnapped into slavery, it has so much the ring of truth, that few fictional accounts can have.  The real story is so often more moving and thrilling than a fabrication.   Some people have said to me that they are surprised and disappointed that GRAVITY didn’t win.   And I understand their question.   However amazing though GRAVITY is, its story does not quite compare with 12 YEARS A SLAVE and as I bang on as usual, about this, it is the STORY that will get the audience.  The technical feat of GRAVITY is amazing, but its basic story is lighter weight than the winning film.  That’s why I honestly feel that Robert Redford‘s film  ALL IS LOST was overlooked.  It is a terrific film and a terrific performance, but where’s the actual story, tell us why we should really care about this man, we know nothing about him!   I was disappointed that AMERICAN HUSTLE got so little attention, it is a superb film, with outstanding performances, direction and production values.   Ditto NEBRASKA.  But as I said earlier, the line up this year was outstanding and they should all have won.  Still it was fun and now we can look forward to next years dresses and razz mattaz.   And hopefully another great year of new films.



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