The story of a Golden Globe nominated actress who’s done much of it and advice to those who want to do it!


Joan_Collins_-_Monte-Carlo_Television_Festival“Old age is not for sissies” so Bette Davis is reported to have said. Well she is right, its not fun and I for one don’t like it. But its a fact and if you’re lucky enough to be alive at my age, you better just get on with it. Of course you can just ignore it like old acquaintance Dame Joan Collins, who famously commented on the 32 year old age gap between her and husband number five…”if he dies, he dies”.   (Her happy marriage to this husband has lasted 13 years.) Joan’s stamina and enthusiasm for life are amazing, she could still do the splits aged 80, so I have adopted her attitude and just ignore the numbers. She wont talk about her age and that’s the smart thing to do. Now and again you get pulled up short, when working with young people as I like to do and have to remember that you may like working with them, but you are NOT one of them.   I am delighted that a couple of older actresses have been nominated for Golden Globes this year….Maggie Smith  the wonderful Maggie Smith, also Dame, who doesn’t mind looking like an old trout if called for, as she does in LADY IN THE VAN and  Jane Fonda, who gives an amazing performance in YOUTH, reminding us of what a fine actress she is.

Ending this with a quote from YOUTH:   “You say emotions are over rated, emotions are all we have”.

JanefondaFinally I have just finished and released a short film, I created, COUGAR and I like to think it sort of tells the story of my current views on age. It’s a reality so just have fun with it.

COUGAR will going up on this site in a while…but first we have to try to get it into a few Festivals.   I will keep you posted friends!

2 thoughts on “OLD AGE NOT FOR SISSIES

  • December 15, 2015 at 10:54 pm Reply
    Melissa C Williams says:

    What fun to read your post ! I could not agree more – aging isn’t for sissies, so let’s make it a very positive and creative state of mind. You and Joan and Jane seem to be doing exactly that !
    Looking forward to “Cougar”

    So happy you are part of our St M’s community !

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