The story of a Golden Globe nominated actress who’s done much of it and advice to those who want to do it!

Off to the Sun Valley Film Festival this week, I am looking forward to it.   Our film THE DAMNED THING is an official entry and I hope to see old friend David Seidler (THE KING’S SPEECH) there, not to mention a couple of others.  My favourite person this week is ME.   I have been struggling with all the issues of trying to get stuff loaded on to the Internet, including the promo trailer for all 4 films that we now have for the Anthology New Chilling Tales and then it’s off to market with that after a quick trip to the UK, to find a new home and MAKE CONTACT with useful bods.   Also been getting DVD’s done with the trailer, posters printed etc, etc.  It’s all go.  I have only myself to blame, I started all this now, now I have to see it through.  I was up till 1am last night trying to figure out how to load a new page on to  Each time I thought I had it sorted, I would go to the link only to get the 404 message, page moved or disappeared….grrrh!   Oh well persistence is my middle name.    On we go friends.

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