The story of a Golden Globe nominated actress who’s done much of it and advice to those who want to do it!

Hello everyone

We’re busy updating the website and incorporating and upgrading the store, where you can buy signed photographs,  the New Chilling Tales DVD’s and watch/ stream the films will continue with news, blogs. My friend and long time webmaster Aaron Day of Thrive Web Designs has been working away, to get this done and try to educate me to keep it all going along the way.  Ah the fun and challenges of technology!!!

Jane Merrow and Austin Von Johnson in

Recently I did a podcast for a very nice Company  – Time for Cakes and Ale -based in the UK about your favourite and mine The Prisoner and my episode The Schizoid Man.   The podcast is long and the file too big to include in this blog….but click on the link and you can hear it!   It is full of interesting facts and comments and talks about the superb special effects that were created by the amazing crews we had, before the days of digital, computers and CGI.   Again I urge all young film makers to watch historical film making techniques and how we all created the magic without the technology….the amazing camera crews, sound guys, stunt men and special effects creators not to mention us humble actors!

Last but not least in its final edit is our new short film About Andy starring yours truly and talented young actor Austin Von Johnson 

And I will be back in the UK to meet and greet you……should you wish ……at the London Film Fair in June plus,  appear at a couple of other interesting events!

More later friends.


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