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New Chilling Tales- The Anthology

I am delighted that NEW CHILLING TALES -THE ANTHOLOGY  has made it on to and .  Thank you Indie rights – Distributors.

I have had a great deal of pleasure making the short films that make up this Anthology and would like to do more.  There are so many terrific short horror stories out there written by the great classic writers and I believe that it is time that new readers are introduced to them……in addition to their many existing fans.   I have two more scripts ready to go – IN THE VAULT by HP Lovecraft and one by the great Mark Twain…of course,  full of his wisdom and wit.   I am now looking for two more to make up ANTHOLOGY 2.   Suggestions welcome, any writer any country (provided they are translated into English!!).

So this is a recent part of my career and my love affair with this business.   Thanks to You Tube and film channels like UK’s Talking Pictures and social media my old work has had a bit of a revival and it’s nice to be reminded of all those good times and receive encouraging  comments from viewers, old and new.

Here’s a bit of former work, that I am happy to remember!  Thank you You Tube and hope I am not infringing anyone’s copyright…..

Really enjoyed working with Ray Brooks in this

Gideons Way .  

and John Astin in this – a bit of fluff:

Love American Style


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