The story of a Golden Globe nominated actress who’s done much of it and advice to those who want to do it!

Technology is overtaking us at a frightening speed. It is both wonderful and terrifying.   I first started my love affair with the Internet in the late nineties, when I moved much of the my multilingual recruitment business online. It rescued a crumbling, failing, costly family enterprise. Staff costs were cut, rent and advertising costs and we were solvent again- just.   Our first website was designed and built for us by a retired employee at CERN, our major client.   Lucky for us, as it was CERN who invented and devised the world-wide web, no-one understood it better!

ComputergraphicsMy infatuation continued.   Never one to give up a good thing…and still struggling I created an online multilingual web site rather like or for Job seekers and Companies with jobs to fill, an employment “dating” service for those looking for each other.   That worked.   And then joy of joys we had an offer from the competition to buy us out.   Never one to back off from a challenge, I offered them the recruitment company as well…….”you can’t have one without the other”.  So – I was done and dusted – out from under an exhausting business, out from under a mountain of debt and out from under working a 9-5 job – not my scene.   I don’t mind getting up at 3:30am to go and film on an irregular basis, even a regular basis for a longer gig, but 9-5 every day into an office….no thanks.

Now , when I go online it is with a certain amount of trepidation – will I have techie issues?   Who is waiting out there in the ether: devising programmes to manipulate us, abuse and steal from us and will the technology outsmart their designers and find a “better way”. The software is out thinking us.  And my beloved industry drifts more and more into computer generated productions!  Watch the great movie STEVE JOBS..he ‘GOT  IT!   _MG_9386

Techno World, I love you, but you will not seduce me into being your slave completely, your mistress. I will tread warily with you as I do not believe you have my best interests solely at heart – you just sit there watching and listening, digesting information and manipulating.   Not very good for my soul.




  • July 15, 2016 at 3:12 am Reply
    anthony paul lisanti says:

    I did not know you then, Jane. But had I known you, I would have been happy to help you with translations.
    That’s what I do! Spanish, Italian; and Viktoria did Russian, English and Hebrew!
    She even worked for El Al Airlines for a good while. We both visited Israel a couple of times!

    I just read this neat article about “technology”!
    You’re so, so right!

  • Hi Jane, from Worcester, MA. At age 85 I wrote A Firm Persuasion(fiction) about a young woman and post-partum depression: her 2 sons by a rapist and true lover husband in WWII era. One son a Flying Tiger the other a priest. Happens in Chicago, Detroit, and St. Louis. Sign me J. Anthony Burns.

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