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Lee and Will have a heart to heart in "Almosting It"

Lee and Will have a heart to heart in “Almosting It”

Last summer I got a call from a young man by the name of …would I be interested in being in a film he was making here in Boise….yes say I, send me the script. He did, plus a link to a short film he had made in Germany….I liked it…I liked the script too….ALMOSTING IT, is funny and charming and sweet, a breath of fresh air a change from much of the c**p I am asked to read.

Will and I met, I liked him. I decided to be in the film…and it would mean working with old pal Lee Majors, with whom I had appeared in THE SIX MILLION DOLLAR MAN a couple of times, plus it would be nice to make another feature length film, after the short films I have been doing recently. Work for any actor at any time is at a premium and for actors of a certain age, the odds of getting a decent part in a decent film get considerably longer.   I did have a few concerns that young Will had bitten off rather more than he could chew…he was Producer, Director, Writer and Leading Man…well I was wrong. And now he is distributing.  The commitment and effort and sheer hard work he has put into this project is amazing…..Will has the right kind of passion and common sense to be a success……   I have met and worked with some amazing people in this industry, few have the stamina to be long term successful.   I think this young man has the right qualities to make it and make the right way, the way that creates a “stayer”… in it for the long haul.

Now Will, if you read this, dont let it go to your head, you have a ways to go yet….but you have made huge strides so far and with heart, the most important thing.   I don’t know if ALMOSTING IT will be a huge success, but the signs are good and I wish you well for the rest of your career.

Today is Memorial Day and I think with sadness of all the young men and women, who did not have the time and opportunity to “have a go” in life, but there are still many out there who do have a chance….don’t waste it!!

More newcomers messages to come..IMG_20150416_120534

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