The story of a Golden Globe nominated actress who’s done much of it and advice to those who want to do it!

Emma Rice

According to Emma Rice Artistic Director of the Globe Theatre in London it’s 50 years since  the Summer of Love …1967, one of my personal best and happy years!

Globe Theatre.London

Yesterday I stood as a Groundling for two and a half hours at the Globe to watch the Production of Jessica Swale’s play Nell Gwynn, which was absolutely joyous and was performed with such loving team work from the entire cast and everyone involved, it brought tears to my eyes with laughter and sheer joy.  The passion and care that went into everyone’s performance was heartwarming.   Nell Gwynn if you recall was the Orange Seller who rose to becoming everyone’s favourite actress, to becoming England’s King Charles II’s (1600’s) favourite mistress.  His dying words were ” Let not poor Nelly starve”.   Tough times for the poor..

Nell Gwynn

I do believe that Love is the most important driving force in our lives….Romantic Love, Love for Family/Children, Love for Friends, Work, Love of the Land, the Sea and on it goes and really …..without Love, which goes with Passion, our lives mean very little.

It is sunny and bright in London at the moment and I walked the River Walk, which runs right along and close to the River Thames from the Globe near Blackfriars in the City, my grandmother’s birthplace, to the National Theatre, the British Film Institute and the London Eye, all part of Southbank and enjoyed the amazing place that London, my hometown has become.  I remember as a very small child, the City was  little more than a bomb site after World War II.

London Skyline, River Thames, London, England


Rather a sentimental blog …but sometimes you  have to say it as you feel it.

More anon.

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