The story of a Golden Globe nominated actress who’s done much of it and advice to those who want to do it!

Picture by Sunnie Lynne 2109

From “About Andy”. Photo by Cary Judd.

Hello everyone…trust you are all well and enjoying life and a good summer in the Western World!


Things have been a little hectic here in JaneWorld, so haven’t written lately.

I have just finished writing a little handbook for Actors and how to go about being an actor, what to expect once you make it into the profession and how to behave once you get there!  So many people want to be actors, but I think many of them don’t quite realise what’s involved and what they’re letting themselves in for.   The book is finished and now in the process of being prepared for printing.   It’s another new learning curve for me, but fun and interesting.  ( Ilustration by Fawz Sharam)


I am also narrating a couple of books for Audible the online part of Kindle.   I am enjoying this enormously…it’s acting again…albeit vocal, but the delightful books by MZ Andrews offer a lot of scope for various characters.   The stories are charming and funny -about a group of witches and their adventures in modern day life.

So that’s a little update for now…stay with me and I will get back to writing more about past work and all those wonderful people, I was lucky enough to work with!

And here’s a little poem for you – from the New Oxford Book of Light English Verse:   “Gasbags” .  by Anonymous

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