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Life continues in London in its own delightful way…..made a couple of nice personal appearances…one a tribute to Patrick McGoohan ….the great Patrick…and then last week was London Film Fair….caught up with wonderful Sylvia Syms and old acquaintance Carolyn Seymour.   Sylvia is one of the real English film  stars and appearing in smany of the Classic English films.   Two of my favourites were Victim…..way ahead of its time and Ice Cold in Alex.   I strongly recommend seeing both.

Carolyn and I were living in LA at the same time and would often bump into each other at auditions…. up for the same parts…we  would gossip and catch up on our English lives in Hollywood.  And it was good to see the fans …some familiar faces and some new…but always happy to know that the old shows still hold their appeal!

At London Film Fair

The photograph of me and Sylvia was taken by Mark Mawston, who has done a very good interview of me in the magazine Cinema Retro…not online but here’s a link to the magazine.  Incidentally there is a nice piece about the London Film Fair, which my friend and PR Manager, Thomas Bowington used to run and is now under new ownership.   I suppose it’s always a challenge to create something fresh and new out of something well loved and familiar, dedicated much to shows and performers of the past.    I appeared at a Comic Con last year with Thomas and basically said “What the heck are we doing here”…it’s full of Trekkies and Star Wars fans…but it was surprising how much attention I received…thank you…so clearly the old and the new mix well.   Retro is big business in every direction…media, fashion, food etc…

First “Danger Man” aka “Secret Agent” “A Date with Doris”

Of course Social Media has helped a lot in terms of keeping Retro alive and we can connect with fans and advertise ourselves with the help  of Facebook, Twitter and now very much Instagram.   The world is shrinking…but I like being able to connect with people from other countries, who have seen my work and have written.   I think the more we are able to communicate with each other and learn about each other, the better for our little human race!!

I am in the process of putting all my short Classic horror films:  New Chilling Tales together as one film at the moment.   It will be available as a Blu Ray disc to purchase and probably able to stream from this site in due course.  Anticipating a proper release within the next month.  Stand by…will keep you posted…just a reminder here’s the trailer:







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