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Today is my grandson Luke’s birthday, I will miss it and him, as he is there and I am here.   I have spent so much more time with him as part of his early development, than I was able to do with my other grandchildren, Kaden and Brynn, so we are mates…for now. As he grows up more, he will grow away more, it’s sad but inevitable and the proper path of childhood, but I feel so lucky to have all three, thank you to the Person upstairs!  And to their parents, Tom, my son and Tami my daughter in law.

Volatile Chemistry in an Underheated Flat

David Hare’s ‘Skylight’ Stars Bill Nighy and Carey Mulligan (NY Times)

I went to the theatre last night to see an old David Hare play:  SKYLIGHT.  I liked the play very much, but it was honestly the performances that made it.  If you ever have any doubts about talent and star power, doubt not, these are truly wonderful performances by Carey Mulligan and Bill Nighy.  Stars are not created by publicity, but by talent and hard work. I was riveted, ….moved, amused and sad… in awe of the strength, clarity, simplicity and simple truthfulness.  The rest of the audience felt the same and was on its feet at the end, cheering and clapping.   Would be actors if you need a modern acting lesson, go and see this.   You will learn that words can come out the mouths of actors, so fresh and believable, you feel you are witness to a spontaneous and personal conversation, just created by the actors.


I hope the play comes to New York, with the current actors and/or maybe it will be filmed, so that the rest of the world can enjoy, but seeing it live in the theatre is best. The critics raved here in London and at a time when outstanding new plays seem to be a bit thin on the ground, it’s interesting that the older writers are having such a success.  Revivals seem to be the order of the day, even CATS is being revived.  I saw a funny, clever Alan Ayckbourn play at the National Theatre at the weekend, it was well acted and well presented….but come young on new writers, where are you?   Maybe one just has to slog away writing and honing your skills to get it right.  I know my friend David Seidler was at it a few years before he won his Oscar, ditto Julian Fellowes.

Hadn’t been “downtown” London so far on this visit, but it was packed and buzzing and I miss it when I am away from it, but a little goes a long way now.  Boise suits me in my more senior years, it’s an easier, gentler life style.

More later friends!


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